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Smart Technology

Smarter Business Solutions

by William Bergen on 05/05/18

In today's businesses, you want to be able to protect your business smarter. I have attached a link that would give businesses an option on how to make there company's security smarter.

After looking at the link, give Bergen Security Solutions, Inc. a call 866-211-3787 and we can show you how you can make your business smarter.

Smarter Access Control Now Available

by William Bergen on 04/30/18

Smarter Access Control allows you to control, track, and manage access to small and medium businesses. It's fully integrated with a smart intrusion, video, and energy management system powered by for an all in one solution.

Your Smarter Access Control customers can:

  • Enjoy the convenience of cloud-based access control - no onsite server setup or maintenance required
  • Assign pin codes and badges for all access points (Z-Wave locks, security partitions and doors with card readers)
  • Create or delete users right from the mobile app
  • Use badges to automatically disarm security system
  • Receive video and alerts when doors are accessed, held or forced open
  • Buzz visitors in from anywhere
  • Scan-to-add new badges to the system
  • Create scheduled auto-unlock rules (e.g., unlock doors when business opens)
  • Review complete audit trail, event history records and SVR timeline
For more information, contact Bergen Security Solutions, Inc. at 866-211-3787 or visit our website at to request information.

Home Security Tips

by William Bergen on 04/26/18

Here are 8 security tips for your home:

1. Get to know your neighbors.

2. Make sure you are using a high quality deadbolt lock on all your exterior doors.

3. Make sure you have curtains and blinds on all lower level windows and doors.

4. When traveling, make sure you have your mail held at the local post office.This is a sure sign that you are traveling.

5. Make sure all doors and windows are locked and secure.

6. Have an alarm system installed. Make sure all the members of your home are trained in proper use of your system. Make sure you have a visible yard sign.This will let burglars know your home is protect by an alarm system.

7. Have monitored smoke detectors installed. Place them on each level of your home. 

8. Make sure that your alarm has a cell unit installed as primary communications to your system.

For a free analysis of your home, contact us at 866-211-3787 or visit us at

Cloud Based Video Surveillance

by William Bergen on 04/25/18

Cloud based video surveillance is the newest thing in video technology. Video can be stored on the cloud by a managed network switch. This eliminates having a DVR or NVR locally to record your video. 

You can now view multiple sites remotely with losing video. this eliminates the high cost for equipment needed to protect your business or having to pay for a static ip from your internet provider. There is a monthly fee for storage per camera. A small cost compared to buying dvds to download load clips.
For more information on how this service can save you time and money, please visit our website at and request for one of our staff to give you a call.

Smart Technology

by William Bergen on 04/20/18

Smart technology is taking the security industry to new heights. 

Securing your home and business couldn't be easier. 

In your home, you can now control your lights, thermostats, locks, garage doors, water management, doorbells, and even cameras all from one app on any smart phone at an affordable price 

As a business owner, knowing what goes on in your business when your not there has been proven very difficult. 

You can now manage your security systems, access control, video surveillance, and energy management at multiple sites all from one easy to manage application. 

At Bergen Security Solutions, Inc, we can customize the right system for you. 

Give us a call for a free consultation today at 866-211-3787 or visit us